How Does Life Moving To China Change For You?

Many foreigners, particularly women, are surprised to learn that they feel more secure in China than in the United Kingdom or the United States. There is almost little chance of a foreigner experiencing street harassment or catcalling, and the streets are usually well-lit, even late at night. Slightly lower-than-average rates of petty crime have been observed, especially for visitors from outside. Learn more about what is it really like living in China from Sanelo.

Discussion on the Benefits and Drawbacks of Living and Working in China as a Teacher in 2022

  • Outstanding food is a definite plus.
  • Advantage: The pay is really good.
  • Among the benefits are the many employment possibilities.
  • Advantage: High quality of life at a relatively affordable price.

Is it safe to live in China?

According to international standards, China is among the world’s safest nations. Law enforcement that doesn’t back down, a high conviction rate (at least 99%), and severe sentences all work together to discourage significant criminal activity.

Is it safe for foreigners to reside in China?

China’s vast size means that residents have a wide variety of housing alternatives to choose from, but most foreigners are interested only in settling in the top Chinese cities. You may discover the perfect place to live in China since the country is home to both massive cities and quaint villages.

Is it a smart choice to uproot your life and go to China?

China is an intriguing area to relocate to since it is both a contemporary financial powerhouse and a country with strong traditions. It’s known for being a culture shock due to its complicated language and many unspoken social standards.

Is life in China difficult?

However, things are not simple in China. Moving to China may be challenging because of the country’s many cultural and linguistic differences. These include food that may appear unusual to a foreigner, social contracts and expectations, varying degrees of modernization, and the inability to converse in English.

Reasons why people from other countries decide to relocate to China

More and more Americans are leaving the country searching for work in China, not only because of the competitive employment market for professionals in the United States.

Have Americans found living in China to be risky?

The general public in China should not worry about their safety. Vulnerable foreigners are exceedingly unlikely to be the victims of a crime, much alone a serious one like robbery or sexual assault.

Does living in China have any advantages?

Numerous Job Opportunities China’s thriving economy has created a wealth of employment possibilities for those from other countries. Once you get beyond the difficult employment procedure and the much more difficult visa process, you’ll discover excellent pay and perks.